Bills of Exchange

bills of exchange

bills of exchange

Bills of Exchange (third edition)

New in its third edition, the fully revised publication of Bills of Exchange has been exposed to cover legislation in Europe, Asia and Oceana. Designed for easy reference, this clear text provides a comprehensive comparison of bills of exchange law in 67 countries and offers practical information on everyday problems and how to overcome conflicts in national laws.

Dr. Jur. Uwe Jahn is an acknowledge expert in the field and author of a number of books on international commercial law.


The present text describes the fundamentals of the Geneva Uniform Law on Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes, then shows the major differences among the laws of European and Asian states which have ratified or adopted the Geneva system, as well as the differences between the common law countries. For the first time, Bills of Exchange Vol. III also includes an English translations of the new Chinesse Law on Negotiable Instruments, as well as a bibliography with references to international publications in the field. There is also important information on the euro and how it impacts on bills of exchange.


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