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Multimodal / Combined Bill of Lading in Letters of Credit Transactions

Multimodal / Combined Bill of Lading in Letters of Credit Transactions

Letter of credit is a payment method based on documents only. Transport documents are very important in letter of credit transactions. Multimodal / Combined Bill of Lading have special rules in UCP 600 latest letter of credit rules.

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What is Multimodal Bill of Lading ?

A multimodal transport document (MT document) means a document evidencing a multimodal transport contract and which can be replaced by electronic data interchange messages insofar as permitted by applicable law and be,

(a) issued in a negotiable form or,
(b) issued in a non-negotiable form indicating a named consignee.

incoterm 2000 : questions and answers

Whether you are an internation trade professional or a student at the social sciences Incoterms is one of the most frequently encountered terms you should deal with. On this short article you can find some core questions and answers regarding the Incoterms 2000.
INCOTERMS is an abbreviation of International Comercial Terms. INCOTERMS are standard commercial terms prepared by ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) and are regularly amended as trade practices changed over time.
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